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Practice Areas / Services

  • Program Development:
    Talent Hold Agreements; Writer and Producer Agreements; Underlying Rights Agreements: Life Story Rights; Copyright: Work-For-Hire Agreements; Chain of Title review; Composer Agreements.
  • Program Production:
    Production Services Agreements: Reality, Dramatic, Documentary, Live Event Specials; Music Synchronization and Master Licenses; Collective Bargaining Agreements; Real Estate; Risk Management; Talent Agreements.
  • Production Finance, Budgeting & P&L Management:
    Interparty Agreements; Production Cost-Accounting Supervision; Budget Preparation and Presentation; Revenue/Cost Projections.
  • Distribution Agreements:
    Broadcast, Syndication, Cable, Digital and Ancillary.
  • Literary Works:
    Book Publishing and Writer Agreements.
  • Music Publishing and Licensing:
    PRO Compliance; Royalty Audit Supervision; Audio Asset Creation; Production Music Libraries; Synchronization and Master Recording Licenses.
  • Rights & Clearances:
    Copyright Clearance and Rights Analysis; Privacy and Publicity; Releases; Music and Rights Management.
  • Advertising & Promotion:
    Advertising Sales; Marketing; Public Relations; Cross-Platform Tie-in Agreements; Time Buy Agreements.
  • Revenue Streams:
    Retransmission Royalties, Educational Copying and Private Copy Levies; Royalty Administration, Collection, Auditing and Forecasting.
  • Digital Media:
    Content Creation; Asset Management; Metadata/Taxonomy, Storage and Delivery systems; IT Work Flows; Web Site Design, Hosting and Service Agreements.
  • Business Development:
    Joint-Venture and Sponsorship Agreements.
  • International:
    Licensing, Pre-Sales and Co-Productions in Canada, UK and Australia.
  • Litigation Supervision:
    Copyright, Trademark and Community Access Television.